Career in Advanced Analytics Technology and Solution Consulting

NextGen focuses on prime technologies that are shaping the breakaway from traditional-styled tiered architecture. In the field of Advanced Analytics the break-away is being triggered by two key platforms: Fast Data and Big Data. All consulting positions will be primarily focused on these two platforms.

We are constantly seeking high-calibre consultants that share the same passion as ours - Data. We seek anyone who comes from a Mathematical or Statistical background and is willing to embrace the discipline of Data Science as a profession.

NextGen is buiding a team of hardcore technical deep-dive engineers who will be pioneers for driving the company's Advanced Analytics division. They will be the driving force behind all R&D and Product Development, while also streamlining the On-Field Consulting.

We seek anyone who can demonstrate technical expertise in any of the following areas, a Java or Python or R or Scala programming AND harbors a desire to embrace the analytics world.


Undoubtedly, the next generation technologies are fascinating to work with. At NextGen you will be given the opportunity to train and work with the latest Big Data and Fast Data technologies for Advanced Analytics.

At NextGen we believe and practice Professionalizing by Education. This means you will be fully trained and certified before you are exposed to the team of Advanced Analytics. This brings deeper value to our offerings.

Leadership by example

NextGen's leadeship is based on technological expertise. Be it Field Engineer or a Data Scientist we are all committed to engage with NextGen's mission towards achieving excellence in Advanced Analytics.

Vendor partnerships

NextGen's vendor partnerships with the  leading Software providers in the area of Big Data and Fast Data provides you the unique opportunity to work and train on the platforms. The  partnerships are key to your growth with us.

The choice is yours - TIBCO Fast Data Platform or Hadoop Big Data framework. Pick your area of expertise !


With the recent innovations in the IT technology, especially with the advent of In-memory computing and ever-increasing processor speeds, we are witnessing the fastest growth in the IT industry close to being called revolutionary times. If the next generation IT competence does not make its move now, there will probably never be any other opportunity as big as this one. The Next-Generation computing is already here and its here to stay - Streaming analytics, In-Memory computing, Distributed processing, now made more potent, due to the trans-induction of commodity machines. Databases are now commoditized and have moved closer to the business than ever.

NextGen wants to invest in the young and smart and capitalize on the opportunities presented in the current times to realize advanced analytics. Be conscious of the times you are living in !