Consulting - Technology & Solutions

Our Consulting services are focused on the BigData and FastData Analytics technologies (Please read NextGen's Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on the terminology). NextGen Consulting services core focus on BigData and FastData segments includes enterprise architecture and industry-approved solution designs. We complement and distinguish our consulting services with our expertise in the Data-Sciences discipline.

Data Science & Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics R&D focuses on delivering Intellectual Analytic products that aim to commoditize analytics for industry. In simpler terms, we deliver core Analytical products that can be used as plug-and-play and ready-for-use Intelligence. Additionally, our commercial Analytics portfolio complements our Consulting services. Importantly, our data sciences focus fuels our R&D for Industry Analytics.

Managed-large data sources are pushing efficiencies to the next level. Next generation mining of huge datasets has never been made any more possible than now with the presence of the Hadoop platform. The component ecosystem that it brings provides us an opportunity to leverage advanced analytics in a sophisticated way never seen before.

Quantitative analytics depend on the scientific means to mine data and analyze specific business patterns. Business Intelligence has evolved over the years in successfully creating identities for semi-technical analysts as data scientists allowing mining and analyzing data indepedent of the back-end IT knowledge.


Intel-D is our premium Intelligent Dashboarding platform that expands into our expertise in analytics and integration. With Intel-D, we offer jumpstart intelligence in the form of customized plug-and-play dashboards ideally suited for strategic information display and dissemination.

Founded and pioneered by the technology firm TIBCO, FastData provides versatility to streaming of rapidly sourced data transformed into high-speed events fed into on-line analytics engine reading off an in-memory data grid.

With the advent of in-memory computing, real-time analytics are now a genuine possibility increasingly re-locating and re-orienting intelligence. In combination with advanced Event streaming delivering analytics to real-time audience is excessively convenient.

Integrated Analytics reaches out to those enterprises that struggle to bring the back-end large-scale datasets for prescriptive, descriptive or predictive business anlalytics. Our advanced analytics expertise provides packaged-integrated solutions for most industry analytics.

The intention is to turn data into information and information into intelligence and finally into insight

Analytics and real-time intelligence is the next generation mix for success

We consult on advanced analytic needs of our clients. Our consulting resources are constantly backed-up by our back-end data experts. At any point in time, field consultants work in close co-ordination with our Data Science team and the Product Developers who support them and assist them in the use of mining and analytical tools.

Field Consultants have quality time to approach your business through identifying the real underlying patterns for downstream intelligence.

Scientific and Researched approaches towards data mining and analysis

Our data analytics foundation is built on research and scientific approaches. Our team of analytical experts will show you the direction towards a successful mine and mark-up strategy.

Our data experts continue to provide on-line intelligence towards building smart-analytics for rapid consumption. Some of the researched applications will be allowed for immediate download and use.

Building insight in your business requires dedicated team work

We approach any business use-case in close consultation with our core Data-Science team, who will assist you in laying out a roadmap of your business data flows. Once the data-flows are mapped, we classify them in data-segments and their associated businesses. Working closely with your business deparments we isolate the data-segments where drilling needs to happen. At the time of data-drilling, our on-field consultants shall enable visualization into the underlying plumbing and demonstrate the data-mining capability.

Extraction of data and eventual analysis will be performed through our uniquely designed data-analytic platform.

Our ways of working


Let's hear your problem first

We are a serious team of data experts harboring a passion towards data. This takes care of our commitment in what we do. Our story begins with your problem and ends with Intelligence. We offer you data and intelligence in the form of analytics of all sorts (including the sort you would like).

Our story fits into most enterprises, small or big, as we live in metric-hungry times. So let us hear your business problem first and we'll provide you a befitting intelligence solution.


We offer pre-designed Fit-to-Play analytics that fits most business requirements. Of course, we also know that businesses are not so predictable anymore. Your thoughts and our expertise can draft just the prototype your business might be looking for.

Our prototypes can be customized, although most likely we can pick one from our shelf and offer one. In any case, we will deliver a prototype as a single runnable package in your enterprise with the wires hanging out that can be attached to any application that supports modern integrated standards.


Our modus operandi is in having trust-in-partnership. This model works well with several successful partnerships we've had in the past. Our growing partnerships allow us to embed our consulting model within enterprises and shape their businesses to adopt a newer dimension to their intelligence.

With next generation technologies, its often difficult to estimate the duration to achieve critical mass. Let us help you in jump-starting it.